Why We are Here!

Since the covid pandemic approximately 4.4 million Americans filed to form a business. From 2020 to 2021 alone the increase was 24%, more than any years prior. I am one of the 4.4million Americans who found themself becoming an entrepreneur out of extreme circumstances rather than a smooth transition. On the contrary, isn’t that what Entrepreneurship and Business owning is? Consistently dealing with what is in front of us while finding a way through. One thing I’ve learned building a business through the pandemic is that the time to process, decide, and act affects every part of my income.

Through my business journey I have had the pleasure of connecting with proficient specialists in various aspects of starting and maintaining a business. Our sole mission at Cardona Business Solutions is to provide resources so that time is focused solely on two things, income producing activities and living a lifestyle of presence. At Cardona Business Solutions, we road map your business needs for now and the future.

We understand that most Americans didn’t learn the skills necessary to start, grow, and maintain a business. That is why we are here! Our team provides comprehensive business resources for services such as: Trademarks, copyrights, employee handbooks, wills, Business contracts, business attorneys, payroll, general liability, workers comp, life insurance, llc creation, Professional headshots, website building, business credit, business funding, SEO optimization and management, social media management, virtual assistant, employee handbooks, health insurance, employee benefits, marketing, medical coding, medical billing, real estate, opportunities for speaking engagements, podcast development, business plans, financial projections, merchandise branding, corporate entertainers and more!