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Cardona Business Solutions believes in helping purpose driven business owners and entrepreneurs create the lifestyle they want by enjoying the processes of business ownership and expansion. Cardona Business Solutions helps business owners and entrepreneurs create and stick to the plan of success by: creating specific outcomes, providing resources for results, and focusing on the lifestyle that the business is supposed to create.


We understanding running a business is overwhelming, and that is why we are here. Book a consultation call today!

Start Up Power Up Business Consulting Packages

  • 0-2 years of business age

  • 0-50K in net Annual Revenue

  • 12 month Package

  • 24 month package

This package is designed for start up businesses that need help. Start ups shouldn't be priced out of the help they need to scale. With our start up power up we help your busines become efficient, while we help you grow to a medium size business!

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  • 3-5 year of Business age

  • 50-500k in net Annual Revenue

  • 12 Month Package

  • 24 Month Package

This packages is designed for those business that have gotten started, but need help in going to the next level. Ironically some of the start up problems recircle back into medium size business, but the problems are magnified as it is not about getting started, but turning into an efficient and maximized cooperation!

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  • 3+ years of age

  • 500K+ in net Annual Revenue

  • 36 month package

  • 24 month package

This packages is designed for major corporations that need help with their bandwidth of operations. time is money, and with our manifest destiny package we maximize your time so that CEO's can focus on doing the things that make them money, as well as expanding into new market places!

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Helping your business to start, scale, and strive to success!

Running a Business is difficult, most people don’t have direction in their business journey to start, maintain, or scale their business. We tend to build the plane as we fly it, often finding ourselves: alone, overwhelmed, frustrated, and confused in how we create the lifestyle we know we want and deserve. Business with direction can be a beautiful journey, but without a solid foundation business can be a great experience. The business resource seminar is an investment into your greatness.

Isn't business advertisement overwhelming? Advertise with our team to get a market dominating position in the market place. Our packages include advertisement on two magazines, radio, tickets to the business resource seminar, presentation at the business resource seminar, and an opportunity to advertise in the Cardona Connection Kit. All of our sponsorships are contracted for 3, 6, or 12 Months. Let's scale our businesses together.

Alex Cardona, CEO of Cardona Business Solutions

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Alex Cardona, CEO of Cardona Business Solutions will be your business guide.

Alex believes that the journey of entrepreneurship is a journey of self development fueled by the balance of faith and self confidence.

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